Slow Flow

The perfect movement to accompany your spin training!  Using conscious breath work and specific movements to unleash new found strength.


Power Yoga

An intense 60 minute vinyasa flow class designed to build strength, flexibility and breath control.  Prepare to push your mental and physical limits as you progress your practice each week.


Rocket Yoga

Energetic and invigorating with roots in the Ashtanga yoga system.  This class has an uplifting soundtrack to a vinyasa flow practice linking movement with breath.  It is open and challenging to all fitness levels and students are encouraged to play with inversions, balances and backbends and HAVE FUN!  It’s called "Rocket" because it will leave you flying high and coming back for more!


Ashtanga Yoga 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice is a movement meditation.  In this class, you will enlist the use of breathing, a set sequence of postures and consistent flow to improve flexibility, mobility, core stability, strength and balance.  This practice is physically demanding, so come prepared to sweat! All fitness levels welcome as the instructor will always offer modifications when needed.