Lisa G (Bosslady)

Instagram: @lisagspinz

The strong American accent will either scare you or endear you, but this expat is passionate about making indoor cycling an intense, yet fun, workout experience. It doesn’t have to suck, but she’ll make you work for it. She’s a self-proclaimed closet DJ and brings the latest remixed tunes every week - somewhat obsessively! There will be no muscle left unworked by the cool down of her class: it's an arms, legs and cardio shred!

Spirited, Fierce, Heartfelt


Sandi A

Instagram: @sandi_pilatestrx

From an early age Sandi’s passion in life has always been in fitness and health. A competitive gymnast for many years she learnt early that exercise can have amazing benefits on the mind and body. Sandi is a qualified Advanced Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor and Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor. Sandi loves to help clients learn new ways to train that are inspiring, fun and have a positive result on the body and mind.

Her Mantra’s… Happiness is the highest form of Health & We love the burn!

Passionate, Fearless and Flexible


Luke P

Instagram: @allround.performance

Don’t be fooled by his cheeky smile, whether you’re busting your arse in one of his killer cycling classes or pushing your limits in a strength class, Luke will make you go where you don’t think you can. You might hate him at the time, but he always seems to win you round and keep you coming back for more.

Challenging, Passionate, Powerful


Shelley M

Instagram: @shellemaxwell

A warm-hearted true Surrey girl who discovered yoga 20 years ago for rehab purposes after a back injury from a horse-riding accident. A qualified Master trainer who completed her 500 hours of yoga teacher training this year, her classes are energetic and powerful with a focus on alignment and fun.

Compassionate, Conscientious, Vivacious


Omar B

Instagram: @omarbaluch_pt_yoga

Part namaste, part professional Thai Boxer, part personal drill sergeant. He’s our most diversified trainer and he brings the workout in every format on the schedule. Omar loves his music and rocks everything from house to classic RnB to your favorite tunes from the 80’s and 90’s - all remixed to perfection.

Perfectionist, Balance, Intensity


Nicole S

Instagram: @nicole_roeffen

Hailing from Holland and UK based for the last 15 years – this Dutchie is passionate about fitness and great music … add a bike and all the ingredients are there for her to work you hard, make you sweat, and get you fitter. She’ll be right there with you, pushing herself as hard as she pushes you.

Work Hard, Play Hard, Carpe Diem


Dee O

Instgram: @deeoppyoga

Dee has been developing her yoga practice for 30 years and teaching for the past 3 years. Known as a “catalyst” in the industry, she helps others discover the benefits of yoga for themselves. Dee’s classes will challenge you to quiet your mind in order to unleash a new found inner strength and understanding of what your body can achieve.

Patient, Fearless , Resilient


Emily E

Instagram: @enerjize_fitness

Emily is our “jack of all trades” and master of ALL. A level three PT who’s certified in loads of formats, her real passions lie in marathon running, yoga and teaching group fitness. Regardless of which class you take with Emily, you’re guaranteed a serious workout delivered with a huge smile.

Motivational, Smiley, Passionate