22b High Street
Surrey, KT11 3EB

(Note: the studio is located above Carluccio's restaurant, and is accessed from the rear of the building)

For Ride! indoor cycling and for TRX call us on: 077533 90892

For PACE Therapies call:
07851 762 579


We provide a totally unique fitness experience and here’s why;

We offer bespoke classes tailored to individual requirements and fitness abilities. Specialising in kettlebell training, indoor cycling, TRX suspension workouts, Yoga and Boxing, we offer the perfect mix of cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility training for a 360° body blitz!


Set to a motivational and varied playlist of tracks, individually selected to support each phase of the class (sprint, climb, hover etc), these classes are formatted either by duration (45, 60 mins) or complementary workout (core).

60 minutes to work hard, sweat hard and burn some serious calories. Your legs, your cardio and your upper body will all get a great workout in this class so settle into the saddle and get ready to roll!

Inside of 45 minutes, plan to work your entire body and burn between 300 and 500 calories!  In this class we take the best drills from the Just Ride! class and condense it.  As always… you will work up a great sweat to great music.

After an intense 45 minute spin workout, we will hit the floor for 15 minutes of targeted abdominal and core strength drills. A strong core is key to cycling success, so let’s build that base!




Engage all your muscles with this non-stop TRX workout. Build overall strength, balance and flexibility with this total-body conditioning program. We set the reps, you set the intensity. Your core is engaged for every exercise on the TRX, so the results you'll see from this strength class will be remarkable!

This TRX-focused workout will incorporate the use of focus pad boxing drills to increase the heart-rate, burn loads of calories and tone your upper body.  Boxing also improves hand-eye coordination and helps to improve thoracic spine mobility.... all the while making you feel and look stronger!

In this class, you will use Kettlebells as your resistance.  Kettle bell exercises build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, core, bum, hamstrings and upper body.  Additionally, KB training gets that heart-rate up to add a cardio-vascular element to the strength workout.  All fitness levels welcome as Omar will take the time to modify and adjust form throughout the class.

Here you will learn the opening sequence of Ashtanga yoga: Sun Salutation A & B and selected postures from the primary series suitable for beginners. The focus of the class is on aligning movement and breath as well as on the physical alignment of posture.  This is a great workout that will increase your flexibility and support the other cardio and strength workouts in your weekly regimen!