22b High Street
Surrey, KT11 3EB

(Note: the studio is located above Carluccio's restaurant, and is accessed from the rear of the building)

For Ride! indoor cycling and for TRX call us on: 077533 90892

For PACE Therapies call:
07851 762 579

Who we are

Ride! Studio Cobham is an exclusive hub of fitness experts, nutritionists, kettlebell kings and indoor cycling masters, qualified boxers, energy enthusiasts, TRX gurus, workout fanatics, yoga specialists and physiotherapists…who share equal passion, enthusiasm and commitment to inspire a physically stronger, healthier and happier you



Lisa has been rocking the lead bike for several years now and it’s an exercise format she is genuinely passionate about!  It all started with one spin class at a big box gym in America… “I was blown away by the challenge of this class and I needed to conquer it!”  Soon thereafter, the future was written and she got certified and began teaching several classes per week.  When she moved to the UK in 2010, it became immediately apparent that Lisa’s brand of indoor cycling was not readily available here… and that’s when the development for Ride! began.  It’s been a fantastic journey so far and Lisa cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Why do you love teaching at Ride!?
I think that there’s a special energy in the classes at Ride! Each and every one of our clients is a friend to the studio and they are there to WORK IT OUT… They are strong, empowered, amazing men and women who make coming to work every day worthwhile. #Ridecommunity

What type of music can people expect to hear in your class?
Given that I love to get my dance on, you will hear loads of remixed pop, RnB, a bit of hip hop and I’ll even take it back to the 80’s with some of the tunes that we can all know the words to!

Favorite Motivational Quote
“You’re only one workout away from a good mood”
“And though she be but little, she is FIERCE.” – William Shakespeare


Omar comes to us with 15 years experience in the fitness industry as a master of many disciplines including Muay Thai Boxing, TRX, Kettlebells, Yoga and Indoor cycling.  He has also been a Personal Trainer since 2000… “I have a very holistic approach to health and fitness… working on all areas:  flexibility/mobility, strength, endurance, core stability and cardiovascular fitness.”  Omar is credited for developing the TRX Suspension class offering at Ride! and is the main man behind the entire strength program we have at the studio.

Omar has always loved teaching indoor cycling as it is a fun, safe and effective way to improve fitness and is accessible to all fitness levels, whether a beginner or an expert rider.  His first class was taught back in 2000 and he’s been perfecting his skills ever since with continuing education and creative class profiles!

What sort of music can the riders expect in your class?
My classes are completely influenced by the music I play as I use the music to map each Ride! I use an extremely eclectic mix of dance, 80’s and 90’s classics, hip hop, pop and rock.

Favorite Motivational Quote:
I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.
-Muhammad Ali


Nicole has been a certified Spin instructor since January 2013. She has been into many different sports (long distance running, tennis, field hockey, aerobics, mud-outs) her whole life but after badly injuring her achilles tendon she became a keen spinner. Spinning is a highly rewarding and motivating workout. She loves teaching at Ride! as it has a superb atmosphere and very motivated clients. Nicole likes to positively reinforce her clients fitness goals through Spin and mix different kinds of music styles with upbeat rhythms into her playlists so everyone can enjoy her intense workouts!

Why do you love teaching at Ride!?
She loves teaching at Ride! as it has a superb atmosphere and very motivated clients. Nicole likes to positively reinforce her clients fitness goals through Spin.

What type of music can the clients expect to hear in your class?
I mix different kinds of music styles with upbeat rhythms into my playlists so everyone can enjoy the intense workouts!

Favorite motivational quote:
Just Do It!
“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”


Lesley is a qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Health & Wellbeing Coach. Her area of expertise is Metabolic Training – training to increase your metabolism. The emphasis is on resistance training to build muscular strength & tone to maximise ultimate fat burn.  Lesley has a real passion for Suspension Training (TRX) & this is evident in the dynamic delivery & creative programming of every TRX class she teaches here at Ride.  She leaves no muscle unturned!

Why do I love teaching at Ride?
Definitely Ride’s ‘personal feel’. The beauty of working in a boutique studio is that you get to know all of your clients individually and can therefore offer more of a group personal training experience. Also the team spirit and camaraderie at Ride! This is testament to Lisa ensuring that every Instructor at Ride is carefully selected and share core values. High standards = high expectations! We are expected to be top of our game and values include individuality, creativity, expertise and outstanding client service/interaction. I feel privileged to be a member of the Ride family.

What style of music can clients expect in your class?
Ha this question made me laugh. House music all day long! Being an old Cheesy Quaver I listen to non other. Upbeat, Up-tempo, Uplifting tunes that will carry you through a challenging class! My mixes are sets delivered by some of the Industry’s finest DJs across Ibiza, Miami & London & are now pumping out of a studio in Cobham.

What’s your favourite motivational quote?
I have many so to pick just one is a toughie. OK my objective is to push people outside of their comfort zone because everyone is stronger than they think they are so in one quote it would be ‘what doesn’t challenge you won’t change you!’


I have over 4 years of experience of indoor cycling and personal training. Coming from a family of
keen cyclists it was inevitable I’d end up on a bike In some capacity! (I chose indoor cycling its a lot
warmer!) My passion for high intensity training mixed with strength are noticeable in my cycle
classes and personal training sessions. I can guarantee you’ll be pushed both mentally and

Why do you love teaching at ride!
Was is there not to love! From the amazingly friendly staff to hard working committed members
everything about ride! Gives you that community feel. Many clients in gyms and studios often leave
the minute the warm down is over… Not at ride!

What type of music
If there’s a remix for any song I’ll find it! There’ll be a variation from modern cheesey pop, old skool
classics to high tempo remixes. There’s plenty of variation and just when you feel you have no
strength left.. My music will get you through!

Favourite motivational quote
‘If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse’
‘The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow’

The cardio studio

the Strength studio

the studio plan


  • Don’t be tardy for the party!

    Please arrive by the start of class time… If you are new to studio, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the class starting so we can get you properly fit on the bike and ready to roll.

  • Can you hear me now?

    Leave all cell phones in your bags while on the bike for a class.  If you need to be reached during the hour you’re at Ride!, you can leave your phone with reception and we can come and get you if there’s an emergency.

  • About last night…

    Talking during class can be a massive disruption for those around you, so make a plan to have a coffee after class to catch up on all the gossip.

  • Keep it clean.

      1. There’s a close proximity in the studio to your neighbours… no one wants to smell anyone else’s workout 🙂
      2. Please be kind and wipe down your bike after your Ride!…. Indoor Cycling is a sweaty business and the next rider will be very appreciative!
      3. Although we do permit you to Ride! with regular trainers, we ask that you wear a clean pair to Ride!, rather than the pair you wore to walk the dog in the muddy woods 🙂


  • “Lisa Greer’s Spin classes are fun, exhilarating and a fantastic workout. Lisa’s instruction is clear and compelling. Her classes push us to work hard and grow strong. At the same time, we laugh and rock out to a playlist of motivating songs that is completely updated every week. I highly recommend Lisa’s classes to anyone who is looking for a great workout”.

    Maureen M.
  • “I loved taking a Beginners’ Spin Class from Lisa. It was an educational, fun way to ease into the world of spinning. I feel well equipped to jump into a Spin class with confidence, and am planning on doing just that in January.”
    Becky L.
  • “Spinning with you (Lisa) is genuinely one of the highlights of my day. So glad to have found a workout that I simply can’t get enough of…….”.
    April W.
  • “It takes a lot to keep me interested in any type of workout but Ride! and Lisa have managed to do it! It’s just a great healthy way for me to start the day”.
    Chantelle L.
  • “Looking for better fitness, more energy, some cross training, or just an amazing 60 minute work out? You need look no further! Spinning with Ride! has not only been lots of fun, but Lisa and her gang put together challenging classes (what ever your fitness level), with great music, in a great environment, that I look forward to every week. Come see for yourself, the results will speak for themselves”.
    Jan S.
  • “best kept exercise secret in surrey….addicting…..motivational, inspirational, always changing fresh music, excellent instruction and totally fun!”
    Lisa C
  • “Ride! has become the best lifestyle choice I have made! It’s amazingly effective, helping weight loss and toning but most of all it’s fun and makes you feel good”.
    Sandi A.
  • “Since January 2012 I have been training with Omar on a 1-1 basis doing, among other formats,TRX and Kettle Bells. Omar is a great all round trainer. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and explains the benefits of each exercise. Omar has helped train me for my last 2 fights and I have had 2 successful wins with his guidance. The sessions are made specific for my needs making the sessions effective and enjoyable. I have seen significant improvements I get the results I want, I feel more confident with my body appearance and he is great at keeping you motivated, especially on those days where you really don’t want to train!!”
    Sheree Halliday Professional Muay Thai fighter I.S.K.A World Champion

22b High Street
Surrey, KT11 3EB

(Note: the studio is located above Carluccio's restaurant, and is accessed from the rear of the building)

For Ride! indoor cycling and for TRX call us on: 077533 90892


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